Workplace Incivility, Psychological Capital and Organizational Commitment in University Teachers

Author: Fareeha Arshad

Supervisor: Farah Malik, PhD

Degree: Mphil

Year: 2014-2016

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present correlational study explored the relationship between workplace incivility, psychological capital and organizational commitment in university teachers. It was hypothesized that psychological capital will moderate the relationship between workplace incivility and organizational commitment. The sample comprised of 96 university teachers (42 men and 54 women) with age range of 26 to 51 years from 3 public 2 private universities of Lahore. Convenient sampling strategy was used. Uncivil Workplace Behavior Scale- R (Martin and Hine, 2005), Psychological capital Questionnaire (Luthans, Avolio, Avey, & Norman, 2007) and Organizational Commitment Scale (Meyer, Allen, & Smith, 1993) were translated into Urdu to assess the study variables. Pearson product moment correlation indicated that workplace incivility was negatively associated with psychological capital and organizational commitment and psychological capital was positively associated with organizational commitment. Moderation through hierarchical regression revealed that psychological capital did not have any moderating effect on the relationship between workplace incivility and organizational commitment but had significant main effect on organizational commitment as a whole and on its components(normative and continuance).Independent sample t-test showed that women were higher in level of psychological capital as compared to men. No significant differences were found among psychological capital, workplace incivility and organizational commitment in public and private sector teachers. The results have been discussed in the light of previous research.

Keywords: Workplace Incivility, Psychological Capital, Organizational Commitment.

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