Author: Anam Yousaf

Supervisor: Aisha Sitwat PhD, Sharmeen Aslam Tarar

Degree: MS

Year: 2014-2016

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


This research aimed to find out the age (6 and 7 years) and gender
differences in microstructure and macrostructure level of Urdu
Oral Narrative skills development in school age children as well
as to find out the relationship between microstructure and
macrostructure level of narrative development. Using Convenient
Sampling strategy a sample of 73 school going children (6 years n
=36, 7 years n=37) was recruited from three private schools of
Raiwind, Initially, the participants were screened using Slosson
Intelligence Test by Nicholson and Hibpshman (2002) and Test of
Narrative Retell (TNR) by Spencer and Petersen (2012). Children
of an average and above average IQ and with normal language
abilities were included. Conversational Maps Elicitation
Procedure (McCabe & Rollins, 1994) was used to elicit personal
narrative. Sample of three narratives were collected from each
child. High Point Analysis (Peterson & McCabe, 1983) was used
to analyze macrostructure of narrative. While microstructure level
of narrative was analyzed on the basis of cohesions (Norbury &
Bishop, 2003). Result revealed that there was no difference in
narrative skills development of school age children on the basis of
age and gender. In addition, a positive relationship was revealed
between the macrostructural and microstructural levels, which
show both the levels of narrative develop simultaneously.
Furthermore, significant positive relationship has been found
between macrostructure level of narrative development and habit
of story-telling. Significant positive relationship between
microstructure level of narrative development and family system,
number of family members and mother level of education were
also found. The identified narrative patterns will be helpful in
discriminating between deviated and normal patterns of children
between the age of 6 and 7 years.

Keywords: Urdu Oral Narrative Skills, Macrostructural, Microstructural.

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