Author: Amber Gizaal Roshan

Supervisor: Aisha Sitwat PhD, Sharmin Aslam Tarar

Degree: MS

Year: 2015-2017

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


Present study explored relationship between Urdu Fictional
Narrative and Writing Skills in School Children. It was
hypothesized that Urdu fictional narrative is likely to be positively
related with writing skills of children. Urdu fictional narrative and
demographic variables are predictors of writing skills in school
children. There are likely to be age differences in fictional
narrative. Moreover, there are likely to be differences in fictional
narrative on the basis of demographic variables. Cross-Sectional
Research design was used in the study. Sample consisted of 60
school going children of ages seven, eight and nine of grade one,
two and three respectively, taken from different private schools of
Lahore. Purposive Sampling strategy was used for collection of
sample. Urdu Fictional narrative was elicited using wordless story
picture book “Mouse and the Lion” by following procedure of
McConnel’s (2011) and scored by following Stein and Glenn
(1979) method of scoring. Writing skills of school children were
assessed using Curriculum Based Measurement Assessment
(CBM-WE) procedure by Wright (1992). Results showed that
Urdu fictional narrative was not significantly related with writing
skills of school children. No significant age differences were
found between three age groups. Urdu fictional narrative did not
predict writing skills of school children. Among demographic
variables only first birth order of child significantly predicted
writing skills. There were differences in Urdu fictional narrative
on the basis of story listening habit at home and through
electronic means, self -story reading habits and family system and
school going age of children. The study highlights the relationship
of Urdu fictional narrative and writing skills, therefore it sets a
ground for future researchers to study variables related to them.

Keywords: Urdu Fictional Narrative, Writing Skills.

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