The Moderating Role of Job Satisfaction as Related To Organizational Learning and Work Performance

Author: Arifa Khadim
Supervisor: Rafia Rafique, PhD
Degree: BS
Year: 2011-2015
University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

The progress of any organization greatly depends on excellent performance of its employees. Major attention is paid to employee’s performance within an organization as it is imperative for attaining success in each and every field. In this study, moderating effect of job satisfaction was examined related to organizational learning and work performance among nurses. Correlational research design was used. Non- probability purposive sampling technique was utilized to recruit a sample of 110 nurses from public hospitals of Lahore. The construct of organizational learning was measured using subscale of Integrated Scale for Measuring Organizational Learning (Jyothibabu, Farooq & Pradhan, 2010). Job satisfaction was measured using Job Satisfaction Survey developed by Spector (1985). Performance of employees was divided into three main categories; task performance, contextual performance and counterproductive work behavior and was assessed by Individual Work Performance Questionnaire (developed by Koopman (2014). The major findings of the study revealed that job satisfaction negatively moderated the relationship between organizational learning and counterproductive work behavior. Education has significant positive relationship with organizational learning. Age, current hospital experience, marital satisfaction and salary had positive relationship while number of children had negative relationship with counterproductive work behavior. Theses outcomes can be insightful in understanding the reasons of counterproductive activities adopted by nurses employed in hospitals and relevant solutions can be applied to rectify such work behaviors. Due to positive impact of job satisfaction on nurses’ organizational learning, trainings can be designed to increase their current job satisfaction and improve learning experiences.

Keywords: Organizational Learning, Work Performance, Nurses.
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