Author: Maria Rafique

Supervisor: Aasma Yousaf

Degree: BS

Year: 2013-2017

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study examined relationship between Social
Stigmatization and Post Abortion Syndrome in Women after
Abortion. It was hypothesized that (1) there would likely to be a
positive relationship of social stigmatization (abortion stigma) and
post abortion syndrome in women after abortion (2) Social
stigmatization will likely to predict post abortion syndrome in
women after abortion. This was Correlational study, Within
Group Design and data was collected through Convenient
Sampling strategy. The total sample size of the present study was
107 women (M=28.48 & S.D=2.68). Individual Level Abortion
Stigma Scale (Cockrill & Nack, 2013), Symptom Checklist-
Revised for Depression and Anxiety (Rahman, Dawood, Rehman,
Mansoor & Ali, 2001) and Duke University Religious Index
(Keonig & Bussing, 2010) were administered respectively.
Pearson product moment correlation revealed positive
correlations between social stigmatization of isolation, worries
about judgment, community condemnation and self-judgment
with depression and anxiety. Multiple Hierarchal Regression
showed social stigmatization as strong predictor of post abortion
syndrome (anxiety & depression) in women after abortion. The
results were then discussed in the light of previous literature,
theoretical framework and cultural context. This study on abortion
stigma allows the understanding of the problem as matter of
women health, which requires special care and special attention to
minimize the physical, emotional and social complication arising
from it.

Keywords: Stigmatization, Post Abortion Syndrome, Abortion.

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