Author: Iqra Saeed

Supervisor: Hina Javed Rana, Sharmeen Aslam Tarar, Rukhsana Kausar PhD

Degree: MS

Year: 2014-2016

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study investigated the relationship among Social
Predictors (gender, birth order, parental education, family system,
languages spoken at home and types of schooling) and Pragmatic
Skills and Conversational Maxims in children age range 5.1-5.12
years(M=1.50, SD=.50) and 6.1-6.12 years(M=1.50 SD=.50).
The aims were to assess the difference between gender, age and
types of schooling on pragmatic skills and conservational
maxims, to find out the relationship among social predictors and
pragmatic skills and conversational maxims in children, and to
find the prediction among social predictors and outcomes
(Pragmatic Skills & Conversational Maxims). The sample size
comprised of (N=66) individuals (men= 33 & women= 33). Data
was collected from four private schools of Jhang Sadar. Purposive
Sampling was employed as a sampling strategy for this study.
Slosson Intelligence Test Revised 3rd edition for screening of
children, Social Communication Skills-The Pragmatic Checklist
was employed with parents for assessing Pragmatic Skills of
children, Conversational Maxims Checklist and Pictures Elicitation Techniques were used with children to find out their Conversational Maxims Skills. Results of the study demonstrated
that there was no significant difference between gender, age, and
types of schooling on Pragmatic Skills of children. However, only
age had a significant difference on Conversational Maxims.
Family system had a significant relationship with Conversational
Maxims total. The last hypothesis of prediction among social
predictors and outcome has been rejected as the social predictors
did not predict the outcomes. The study provides base roots for
the upcoming clinicians to study Conversational Maxims of
Pakistani children. It will also help parents as well as teachers to
assess pragmatics of children according to a specific measuring
criteria devised by researcher.

Keywords: Social Predictors, Pragmatic Skills, Conversational Maxims.

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