Relationship between Gratitude, Happiness and Emotional Intelligence

Author: Ghazal Zaidi

Supervisor: Dr. Naumana Amjad

Degree: M.Sc

Year: 2007-2009

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The purpose of the present study is to find out the relationship between gratitude, happiness and emotional intelligence. For this purpose a sample of 100 students (50 male, 50 female) from different departments of university of the Punjab were assessed on gratitude, happiness and Emotional intelligence scale. Non-probability purposive sampling technique and Survey research design used for this research purpose. The gratitude questionnaire (GQ-6) developed by Michael E. McCullough, Robert A. Emmons, and Jo-Ann Tsang (2000) used to assess gratitude. The Oxford Happiness questionnaire by Hills & Argyle, (1998) used to measure the degree of happiness, and The Schutte Self Report Emotional Intelligence Test (SSEIT) by Schutte et al. (1998) administered to assess EQ. According to Pearson correlation analysis, there is a strong positive correlation between the two variables gratitude and happiness. It also shows that there is strong positive correlation between emotional intelligence and gratitude. Findings also show that emotional intelligence is positively related with the happiness. Moreover, Independent- sample t-test was conducted to find out the gender difference on positive traits Gratitude, happiness and emotional intelligence. The results indicate that there is no significant difference in reference of gender. Finding could be applied in clinical, work place and general settings. This study related to the everyday experiences which will help people to explore the positive aspect of personality, Make them aware of their character strengths and importance of positive emotion in their lives. It also help them to improve their positive character strengths.

Keywords: Gratitude, Happiness, Emotional Intelligence, Clinical, Work place, Gender

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