Relationship between Attitude towards Crime and Socioeconomic Status

Author: Huma Umbreen

Supervisor: Dr. Naumana Amjad

Degree: M.Sc

Year: 2006-2008

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study was conducted to examine the relationship between attitude towards crime and socioeconomic status. It was hypothesized that greater proportion of criminals belong to lower class as compared to higher class and attitude towards crime is more prominent in people belonging to lower class as compared to higher class. For first hypothesis archival data was used. A sample of 89 criminals was obtained from the Central Jail, Lahore. On a sample of 101 people, a self devised questionnaire was also used for comparison of attitude towards crime. Archival data were analyzed using descriptive statistics andlor attitude hypothesis t-test, correlation and ANOVA were used. Archival Analysis revealed that in crime records available in central jail, larger proportion of convicted persons belonged to lower income group. The findings also showed that high income group do not show positive attitude towards crime. Implications of the study are discussed along with limitations and suggestions for future researches.

Keywords: Crime, Socioeconomic Status, Convicted Persons, Archival Analysis,

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Corresponding Address: Department of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Email:, Phone: 92-42-9231245

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