Relationship between Attachment Styles and Marital Satisfaction among Private School Female Teachers

Author: Samia Ikhlas

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Yasmin N. Farooqi

Degree: M.Sc

Year: 2006-2008

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study examined relationship between attachment styles and marital satisfaction among female teachers. The sample for the study was obtained from four private schools of Lahore that is from LACAS, Becons field School System, Little Harvard School, and Heritage Islamic School System. The sample consisted of 80 teachers. The purposive sampling strategy was used because the subjects were selected on the basis of certain characteristics, for example, age, educational level, duration of marriage, and at least one child. The Marital Satisfaction Scale by Houdeshell (2006) was administered after written consent from the author. The Experience in Close Relationship Questionnaire by Brennan, Clark, and Shaver (1998) was administered and the authors of this questionnaire granted permission for its use for in researches. The Pearson Moment Correlation was performed to find out the relationship. The findings indicated that there is a negative correlation between insecure attachment and high marital satisfaction among female teachers. The findings of this research can be used for marital counseling and couple therapy.

Keywords: Attachment Styles, Marital Satisfaction, Private School Female Teachers, Marital counseling, Couple therapy.

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