Personality Traits and Self-Objectification in Working and Non- Working Women

Author: Hafsa Tanveer

Supervisor: Shazia Khalid, PhD

Degree: BS

Year: 2012-2016

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study aimed to investigate the relationship between personality traits and self-objectification in working and non-working women. Cross sectional and correlational research designs were used. It was hypothesized that conscientiousness would have positive relationship with self-objectification while extroversion and neuroticism traits would have negative relationship with self-objectification and self- objectification in working women would be more than non-working women. A sample comprised of 150 unmarried women (N = 150) including 75 working women and 75 non-working women, with age range 20-35 years (M = 27.09, SD = 1.36). The Big Five Personality Inventory-K (BFI-K; Rammstedt & John, 2006) and The Self- Objectification Scale (Fredickson, 1998) was used to assess personality traits and self-objectification respectively. Results indicated that there was a positive relationship between conscientiousness personality trait and self-objectification and extroversion and neuroticism negatively correlated with self-objectification. And conscientiousness was a positive self-objectification and extroversion and neuroticism was negative predictor of self-objectification. And there was no difference in self- objectification of both working and non-working women. The study has important as women now-a-days have more focus on their appearance than competency. Therefore, the women with such personality traits having relationship with self-objectification can be helped by increasing their self-enhancing traits.

Keywords:Personality traits, Self-Objectification, Self-esteem, Appearance, Competence.

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