Author: Bushra Shafique

Supervisor: Hidna Iqbal

Degree: BS

Year: 2013-2017

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The aim of the present study was to examine the relationship
between Perfectionism, Mattering and Loneliness in young adults.
It was hypothesized that there would likely to be a negative
relationship between perfectionism and mattering, there would
likely to be an negative relationship between mattering and
loneliness and there would likely to be a positive relationship
between perfectionism and loneliness. It was also hypothesized
that perfectionism and mattering will likely to predict loneliness.
The sample of 320 students comprising of 160 men (Mage= 21.14,
SD= 1.63) and 160 women (Mage= 20.39, SD= 1.40) was taken
through convenience sampling with age ranging from 18-24
years. Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (Hewit & Flett,
2004), The Mattering Scale (Elliott, Kao, & Grant, 2004), and
UCLA Loneliness Scale Version-3 (Russell, Peplau, & Cutrona,
2004) were used in the study. Pearson Correlation, Hierarchical
Multiple Regression and Independent sample t-test were
employed. Results revealed a significant negative relationship
between perfectionism and mattering as well as between
mattering and loneliness. Moreover, a significant positive
relationship was found between perfectionism and loneliness.
Perfectionism, mattering and age (demographic variable) emerged
as predictors of loneliness.

Keywords: Perfectionism, Mattering, Loneliness, Young Adults.

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