Author: Rasheeqa Tahir

Supervisor: Ayesha Aziz

Degree: BS

Year: 2013-2017

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study aimed to assess the relationship between
Perfectionism, Family Support, and Fatigue in Surgical Residents.
A sample of 150 surgical residents (75 men, 75 women,Mage=
26.23 years, SD= 0.88) was selected from surgical
departments from Pakistan Medical and Dental
Council (PMDC) recognized government and private teaching
hospitals through convenience sampling. It was hypothesized that
there would likely be a positive relationship between
perfectionism and fatigue, and a negative relationship of family
support with perfectionism and fatigue. It was also hypothesized
that family support will be likely to have mediating effect on
perfectionism and fatigue. The measures included
Multidimensional Perfectionism Scale (Hweitt & Flett, 1991),
Social Provisions Scale (Cutrona & Russel, 1987),
and Chalder Fatigue Questionnaire (Cella & Chalder, 2009). The
results revealed perfectionism to be positively correlated with
fatigue in surgical residents. Moreover, family support was found
to be negatively correlated with fatigue and perfectionism was
found to be negatively correlated with family support. Family
support was also found to partially mediate the
relationship between perfectionism and fatigue in surgical

Keywords: Perfectionism, Family Support, Fatigue, Surgical Residents.

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