Parenting Styles, Homesickness and Coping Strategies in University Students Living in Hostels

Author: Zarnosh Sarwar

Supervisor: Dr. Afsheen Masood

Degree: MSc

Year: 2011-2013

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study examined the relationship between parenting styles experience of homesickness, and the way of coping with the feelings involved. A sample of 100 first-year female university students living in hostels, age ranging from 18 to 22 years was selected. It was hypothesized that, there is relationship between parenting styles, homesickness and coping strategies. The assessment measures used were Parenting Styles Questionnaire by (Robinson, Mandleco, Olsen & Hart, 1995), Homesickness Questionnaire by Archer (1998) and Adult Homesickness Coping Questionnaire (AHCQ) by (Tilburg, Heck & Vingerhoets). All of the questionnaires were translated in to Urdu. Analysis was done by using SPSS 16.0. Pearson Product-Moment Correlation was used to find the relationship among parenting styles, homesickness and coping strategies. The results showed that there was a significant relationship among parenting styles, homesickness and coping strategies. Independent sample t-test was used to find age differences in the chronicity of homesickness, dissatisfaction with university and attachment to home. There were no age differences found in chronicity of homesickness. One-way ANOVA was used to find the effect of different parenting styles on the use of coping strategies, significant coping means that emerged from analyses were social-support; positive thinking and mental escape. Multiple regression analysis was used to find the predictor of the coping strategies that revealed Parenting styles to be the highly significant predictor for the type of coping strategies being used.

Keywords: Parenting Styles, Homesickness, Coping Strategies.

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