Author: Nashva Khan

Supervisor: Faiza safdar

Degree: BS

Year: 2013-2017

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research was conducted to examine the relationship
between Parental Psychological Control, Emotional
Dysregulation and Aggression in Adolescents; to investigate the
role of parental psychological control as predictors of aggression
and to investigate the mediating role of emotional dysregulation
between parental psychological control and aggression. It was
hypothesized that there is likely to be a relationship between
parental psychological control, emotional dysregulation and
aggression in adolescents. Secondly, there is likely to be a
predictive relationship between parental psychological control
and aggression. Thirdly, emotional dysregulation is likely to
mediate the relationship parental psychological control and
aggression. Lastly, boys are likely to show more proactive overt
and reative overt aggression than girls, also girls are likely to
show more proactive relational and reactive relational aggression
than boys. The sample was comprised of 350 (n= 176 girls, n=174
boys) school and college students aged between 13-18 years
(Mage= 15.77 & SD= 1.37). Sample was drawn by using Purposive
Sampling strategy from different government and private schools
and colleges. Dependency Oriented and Achievement Oriented
Psychological Control Scales (Soenens, Vansteenkiste & Luyten,
2010), Peer Conflict Scale-Youth Version (Marsee & Frick,
2007), Difficulties in Emotional Regulation Scale (Gratz &
Roemer, 2013) and State Self Esteem Scale (Heatherton & Polivy,
1991) were administered to measure psychological control,
aggression, emotional dysregulation and self-esteem, respectively.
Pearson product moment correlation revealed significant
relationship among variables. Hierarchical Regression analysis
showed that parental psychological control significantly predicted
aggression. Moreover, the result of mediation analysis showed
that emotional dysregulation mediated the relationship between
parental psychological control and emotional dysregulation. The
results were discussed in the context of previous literature and of
Pakistani society and culture.

Keywords: Aggression, Adolescents, Parental Psychological Control, Emotional Dysregulation.

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