Author: Rafia Riaz

Supervisor: Nazia Bashir

Degree: BS

Year: 2013-2017

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


Present study was carried to find out the relationship between
Family Functioning, Emotional Intelligence and Externalizing
Problems in Adolescent. It was hypothesized that there is likely to
be a positive relationship between family functioning and
emotional intelligence and there is likely to be a negative
relationship between family functioning and externalizing
problems. It was also hypothesized that emotional intelligence is
likely to have a negative relationship with externalizing problems
in adolescents. Data was collected from different schools and
colleges of Lahore and a sample of 300 students (age 13-17 years)
was approached through non probability convenience sampling
technique. Family Functioning Style Scale (Dunst, Trivette &
(Deal, 1988), Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire
Adolescent Short form (Petrides, Sangareau, Furnham &
Frederickson, 2006) and Child Problems Checklist (Tariq &
Hanif, 2007) were used to assess family functioning, emotional
intelligence and externalizing problems respectively. Results
revealed a significant positive relationship between family
functioning and emotional intelligence, while a negative
relationship between emotional intelligence and externalizing
problems was found. Family functioning was also found to have
negative correlation with externalizing problems. Among the
demographic variables age was found to be a significant predictor
of externalizing problems in adolescents. Although, the regression
model was significant but none of the variables predicted
externalizing problems. Results of independent sample t-test
revealed that girls and boys differed in the perception of family
functioning. Results also showed that significant gender
differences existed on the construct of externalizing problems as
boys reported more externalizing problems in comparison to girls.
No gender differences were found between school and college
students on study variables. Findings of this research are helpful
to educate the families about ways to enhance positive family functioning.

Keywords: Family Functioning, Emotional Intelligence, Externalizing Problems in Adolescents.

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