Egoistic Self-Esteem, Justification of Aggression and Relational Aggression among College Students

Author: Sonia Mukhtar

Supervisor: Dr. Naumana Amjad

Degree: BS

Year: 2009-2013

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research aimed to investigate the relationship of relational aggression with egoistic self-esteem and justification of aggression among college students. The sample comprised of (N = 200) college students. Convenient sampling and correlational research design was used. The New Personal Fable Scale by Lapsley (1993) was used to measure the egoistic self-esteem; Justification of Aggressive Responding Questionnaire by Jameel and Amjad(2005) was used to measure the justification of aggression and Rational Aggression Measure by Rusby (2009) was used to measure relational aggression.The findings revealed that relational aggression has positive correlation with justification of aggression. Egoistic self-esteem was not significantly correlated with justification of aggression. The results also suggested no relationship between relational aggression and egoistic self-esteem. Independent sample t-test was carried out to investigate gender differences in three variables i.e., egoistic self-esteem, justification and relational aggression. Females have shown more score on justification of aggression and egoistic self esteem than male students. There was no gender difference in relational aggression.

Keywords: Egoistic Self-Esteem, Justification of Aggression, Relational Aggression.

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