Cognitive Emotion Regulation and Self-Esteem in Patients with Major Depression

Author: Anam Pervaiz

Supervisor: Dr. Fauzia Naz

Degree: MSc

Year: 2011-2013

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research was conducted to explore the relationship between the cognitive emotion regulation and self-esteem in patients with major depression. It was hypothesized that (a) there is likely to be negative relationship between the cognitive emotion regulation and severity of depressive symptoms in patients with depression, (b) there is likely to be positive relationship between the cognitive emotion regulation and self- esteem in patients with major depression, (c) cognitive emotion deregulation and low self-esteem are likely to be the predictors of depressive symptoms (d) there are likely to be gender differences regarding cognitive emotion regulation, severity of depressive symptoms and self-esteem. Purposive sampling technique was used to collect data. A sample of 100 patients (50 men and 50 women) already diagnosed with major depression were recruited from the psychiatry units of different hospitals. Their age ranged between 20 to 50 years M = 35.22 (males), M = 32.38 (females). The Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (CERQ; Garnefski & Kraaij, 2002) was used to assess cognitive emotion regulation in patients with depression. Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSE; Rosenberg, 1965) was used to assess self-esteem in patients with depression. Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale (CES- D; Radloffs, 1977) was used to measure depression in adults. The results highlighted that there is significant positive correlation between cognitive emotion regulation and high self-esteem in men. There is significant negative relationship between self-esteem and depression in men. There is significant positive correlation with self-esteem and cognitive emotion regulation. Cognitive emotion regulation had negative correlation with depression in women. Results showed no significant gender differences regarding depression. Self-esteem emerged as significant predictor of cognitive emotion regulation.

Keywords: Cognitive Emotional Regulation,  Self-Esteem,  Major Depression Disorder.

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