Child Maltreatment, Self-Compassion, Empathy and Emotional Dysregulation in Destitute Adolescents

Author: Khalid Ghaffar

Supervisor: Farah Malik, PhD
Degree: MPhil
Year: 2012-2014
University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

The present research was conducted to investigate the relationship between child maltreatment, empathy, self-compassion, and emotional dysregulation. Correlational research design, cross-sectional survey method, was used to conduct the present study. The sample for this research was consisted of 200 adolescents whose age ranged 13-18 years (M = 15.06, SD = 1.42). The data of destitute adolescents were drawn from the child protection bureau, Lahore and a control group was drawn from different schools and colleges in Lahore. Adolescent Child Abuse Scale-Revised (Saeed & Malik, 2012), Self-Compassion Scale (Neff, 2003) Basic Empathy Scale (BES) (Jollife & Farrington, 2006) and Difficulties with Emotion Regulation Scale (Gratz & Roemer,  2003) were used to collect data. Data was analyzed through SPSS. Child maltreatment was significantly negatively correlated with self- compassion, child maltreatment was significantly positively correlated with emotional dysregulation. Self-compassion was negatively correlated with emotional dysregulation. Self-compassion and empathy mediate the relationship between child maltreatment and emotional dysregulation. Child maltreatment and empathy significantly predicted emotional dysregulation. There were gender differences regarding empathy, self- compassion, child maltreatment, and emotional dysregulation. Destitute adolescents were high on child maltreatment and emotional dysregulation as compared to home living adolescents and home living adolescents were high on self-compassion and empathy as compared to home living adolescents.

Keywords: Empathy, Self-Compassion, Childhood Maltreatment, Emotional Dysregulation, Destitute Adolescent.
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