Anxiety and Coping Strategies among University Students

Author: Sehrish Zaman

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Rukhsana Kausar



University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

AbstractThe present study was carried out to examine general anxiety which students experience in their normal life and coping strategies used by them. It was hypothesized that more an individual uses active practical coping strategies lesser anxiety he or she will experience. A sample of 100 students (50 males, 50 females; age range between 19-27 years) was selected from the departments of “Faculty of Social Sciences” University of the Punjab. A demographic questionnaire, State Trait Anxiety Inventory STAI (Spielberger, 1980), and a Coping Strategies Questionnaire CSQ (Kausar, 2001) were used for assessment. Data was analyzed using correlation analysis and independent sample t test. The results indicated that there was a positive relationship between anxiety and coping strategies. Students used more avoidance focused coping strategies. Results show no gender differences in anxiety.

Keywords: Anxiety, Coping Strategies, University Students, Gender Differences

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