Work Demands, Work-Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction in Nurses

Author: Azba Sohail
Supervisor: Rukhsana Kausar, PhD
Degree: BS

Year: 2011-2015
University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

The present study was directed to analyze the relationship between the work demands, work-family conflict and job satisfaction in nurses working in private and government hospitals of Lahore. It was hypothesized that work demands, work family conflict and job satisfaction are significantly correlated and that demographic characteristics, work demands and work family conflict predicts job satisfaction in nurses. Correlational research design was used for the present study. A sample of 100 married nurses both from government and private hospitals was collected by using purposive sampling technique. For assessment, Job Demands Scale (Ganster, 1989), Work and Family Conflict Scale (Haslam, 2012) and McCloskey Mueller Satisfaction Scale (McCloskey & Mueller, 1990) were used. In order to find the relationship between variables Pearson Product Moment Correlation Analysis and for prediction, step wise regression analysis was carried out. The results demonstrated that work to family conflict and working hours had significant negative relationship with job satisfaction and there exists a significant positive relationship between family to work conflict, monthly income and duration of marriage with job satisfaction. Moreover, monthly income and work experience emerged as significant predictors of job satisfaction. Thus, the present study has implications for hospital authorities to focus on work family conflict so as to endow with the needs of married nurses and to assess the underlying causes and outcomes of work family conflict and job dissatisfaction among nurses.

Keywords: Work demand, work family conflict, job satisfaction, nurses.

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