The Effect of Parental Acceptance and Rejection on the Personality of Adolescents

Author: Saba Siddique

Supervisor: Ms. Rizwana Arif

Degree: BS

Year: 2005-2009

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of Parental Acceptance Rejection on personality of the adolescents. The total sample taken in the study was of 300 adolescents 150 males and 150 females between age ranges of 14 to 16 years. Purposive sampling was done for the selection of sample from different English and Urdu medium schools of Lahore City. 75 males and 75 females were taken from English Medium schools and 75 males and 75 females were taken from Urdu Medium schools. The measuring tools in the study were Demographic Variable to take the basic information about the sample, ParentalAcceptance Rejection Questionnaire to measure the way the children perceive their parents and Personality Assessment Questionnaire to measure different aspects of personality of the adolescents. Pearson Product Moment Correlation coefficient and t-test was used to analyze the results. The results showed significant positive correlation between the Parental Acceptance Rejection and Personality of the adolescents. There was a significant positive correlation between Hostility/ Aggression, Negative Self Esteem, Negative Self Adequacy, Emotional Unresponsiveness, Emotional Instability, Negative World View and Parental Acceptance Rejection. There was non-significant positive correlation between Parental Acceptance Rejection and Dependency. There was no significant difference between male and female on Dependency, Negative Self Esteem, Negative World View and Negative Self Adequacy of Personality Assessment subscales. There was significant difference between male and females on Hostility/ Aggression, Emotional Unresponsiveness and Emotional Instability. There was significant difference between male and females and Parental Acceptance Rejection Subscales.

Keywords: Negative Self Esteem, Hostility, Aggression, Emotional Unresponsiveness. Parental Acceptance – Rejection.

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