Relationship of Psychological Well being with Social Support & Self-Efficacy in Adolescents of Religious and Non-Religious Schools in Lahore

Author: Zubia Bano

Supervisor: Dr. Aisha Sitwat

Degree: MS

Year:  2008-2010

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


This study compared a sample of resident adolescents with a non-resident sample from the same religious schools and non-resident sample with another non-resident sample from non-religious schools on social support, psychological wellbeing and self-efficacy. Moreover, this study investigated the relationship of social support with psychological wellbeing and self-efficacy in these three groups and also explored important demographic variables of the resident students who have been argued to suffer extremely stressful environment with limited sources of social support available to them. The extent to which the lack of social support affects their psychological wellbeing and self-efficacy in relation to crucial demographic characteristics of these resident students were investigated for the first time. The study followed Ex Post Facto Research Design. Sixty residents, sixty non-residents from religious schools and 65 non-residents from non-religious schools with age range of 16-19 years, completed assessments. Subjective Happiness Scale, Satisfaction with Life Scale, Well Being Affectometer-2 Scale, Social Support Questionnaire and Generalized Self Efficacy Scale were used. Resident and non-resident groups did not differ in terms of the three measures. Non-resident students from non-religious schools differed from religious group in terms of higher self-efficacy, lower satisfaction with life and lower number of supporting people. Number of supporting people and satisfaction with that support both predicted psychological wellbeing in both religious groups but only the first one predicted wellbeing in non- religious group. Predictive relationship was observed between satisfaction with social support and self- efficacy only in groups from religious schools.

Keywords: Psychological Wellbeing, Social Support, Self-Efficacy, Adolescents, Religious Schools.

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