Relationship between Psychological Well being and Social Support among Young and Middle Aged Breast Cancer Patients

Author: Ayesha Tariq

Supervisor: Ms.Aasma Yousaf

Degree: BS

Year: 2006-2010

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study was aimed to investigate the relationship between Psychological Wellbeing and Social Support among middle aged and young aged breast cancer patients. The purposive sampling technique was used. Ex-Post Facto Research Design was used to include 100 participants (50 middle aged and 50 young aged breast cancer patients). Sample was collected from the oncology departments of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Mayo Hospital and Immol Hospital. Demographic Information Questionnaire, Psychological Well-Being scale for cancer patients and Social Support Questionnaire were used to measure psychological well being and social support of the participants respectively. Results indicated strong positive correlation among Psychological Well-Being and Social Support among young and middle aged breast cancer patients. Psychological well- being among middle aged breast cancer patient was higher than that of young aged breast cancer patients. Similarly, social support of middle breast cancer patient was higher than that of young aged breast cancer patients. These findings suggest that there is a need to improve the psychological wellbeing of young aged breast cancer patients as well as to counsel the family and caregivers of the patients to improve the communication and support which can help to improve their mental health.

Keywords: Well Being, Breast Cancer, Age, Social Support.

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