Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership

Author: Madhia Saeed Nagra

Supervisor: : Dr. Saima Dawood

Degree: BS

Year: 2006-2010

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


This study aimed to ascertain the relationship between emotional intelligence and elective leadership. The data was collected from heads and faculty members of 8 departments falling under different faculties of University of the Punjab. Emotional intelligence was assessed by using Scale of Emotional Intelligence (Dawood, Rahman & Sheikh, 2008) and effective leadership was assessed by using Rahim Organizational Conflict Inventory – II (Rahim. 1983). The department heads gave their self-ratings and their peer-ratings were also obtained by asking their faculty members to rate their respective heads on the same tools. The data was analyzed by using SPSS and Correlation was employed to study the relationship between 5 scales of SEI and 5 conflict resolution styles of ROCI-IL The findings supported the hypotheses. The results revealed that the self-ratings by the directors highly correlated with their peer ratings. Moreover, the leaders who scored high on conflict resolution styles of Integrating, Compromising and Obliging also scored higher on emotional intelligence.

Keywords: : Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Conflict Resolution.

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