Quality of Life and Mental Health of Patients with Diabetes Type II

Author: Qandeel Ilyas

Supervisor: Dr. Aisha Sitwat

Degree: BS

Year: 2005-2009

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


Quality of life is a multidimensional construct which depicts an individual’s physical, psychological, emotional and social functioning in life. The patients of diabetes type II have been reported in different researches to have poor quality of life due to long term hyperglycemia which is highly prevalent in Pakistan. An extensive item pool for quality of life related to diabetes based on themes of research carried out by Arshad (2007) on diabetes and previous scales was generated. This item pool was examined by specialist doctors in different diabetes centers for their evaluation and suggestions. After incorporating their suggestions, this list was administered on a sample of 451 patients of diabetes type II. Along with it, the scales of Depression and Anxiety from Symptom Checklist – R (SCL- R.) were also administered to assess the mental health of the patients. Factor Analysis was directed on the data which provided seven factors namely; Psychological Symptoms, General Physical Symptoms, Stress Related to Diabetes, Diabetes Specific Symptoms, Effects on Functioning in Life, Social Support, and Positive Frame of Mind. Cronbach alpha reliability of all the factors ranged from .94 to .80. Percentiles were also calculated to find out relative position of individual in his/her group regarding Quality of Life. The results depicted high prevalence of diabetes and its complications in women more than men. Moreover, there was less practice of diet control and exercise and less glycemic control in women than men. Present tool has implication for providing comprehensive assessment of patients of diabetes type II in the above mentioned areas which can be readily addressed to improve quality of life.

Keywords: Mental Health, Hyperglycemia, Psychological Symptoms.

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