Psychosocial Demands, Emotional Exhaustion and Work Wellness in Physicians

Author: Sumaira Rafique
Supervisor: Tahira Mubashar
Degree: M.Sc
Year: 2013-2015
University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

Physician wellness is complex and multifaceted; individual, professional, and organizational factors might affect physician’s ability to be well. The research investigated the relationship of psychosocial demands, emotional exhaustion and work wellness in physicians. It was hypothesized that (1) there would be relationship in psychosocial demands, emotional exhaustion and work wellness in physicians; and (2) psychosocial demands and emotional exhaustion would be predictors of work wellness in physicians. The sample consisted of N = 150 doctors, taken from different hospitals of Lahore using purposive sampling technique. Copenhagen psychosocial questionnaire (COPSOQ) (Psychosocial Department, National Institute of Occupational Health, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1997), Oldenburg burnout inventory (OLBI) (Demerouti, Bakker, & Nachreiner, 1998) and the perceived wellness survey (PWS) (Adams et al., 1997) were used to measure psychosocial demands, emotional exhaustion, and work wellness of physicians, respectively. Pearson product moment correlation, regression and independent samples t-test were used to test the hypotheses. The results revealed that there was a significant negative relationship of work wellness with psychosocial demands and a positive relationship between psychosocial demands and emotional exhaustion. It was revealed that emotional exhaustion and working experience were predictors of work wellness. Moreover, it was also found out that physicians resident in rural areas had more psychosocial demands than those living in urban locality. The study has important implications in developing holistic wellness plans which aid physicians in performing their best, while considering the realities of their work environment and resources that are available to them.
Keywords: Psychosocial Demands, Emotional Exhaustion, Work Wellness.
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