Psychopathology, Clinical Symptoms and their Demographic Correlates in Male Adolescents Flood Affectees of District Muzzafargarh

Author: Anum Amanullah

Supervisor: Dr. Saima Dawood

Degree: BS

Year: 2007-2011

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The aim of the present research was to assess psychopathology, clinical symptoms and their demographic correlates among adolescent boys flood affectees of District Muzaffargarh. The retrospective Ex-Post Facto Research Design and Purposive sampling were used to select the sample. The sample consisted of adolescent boys victims of flood between age range of 13-19 years (M=16.03 years; SD=2.08). Data was collected using Screening, Diagnostic (Rahman, Sitwat & Dawood, and Khan et al, 2008) and Demographic Questionnaire. Descriptive Statistics were used and data was analyzed through SPSS 17th version. The results showed that 9 of the total participants met complete diagnostic criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and 4 met the complete criteria for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Major Depressive Disorder, Panic Disorder and Adjustment Disorder were each found in 2 participants. Clinical symptoms of GAD and PTSD were most common among participants and the demographic variables such as house and crops damage and death of participant’s relative predicted psychopathologies among research participants.

Keywords: Psychopathology, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Adjustment, Symptoms, Adolescents, Depression.

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