Prevalence of Anxiety and Depression in General Population of Data Ganj Bukhsh Town, Lahore

Author: Saadia Sheikh

Supervisor: Dr. Nosheen K. Rahman

Degree: M,Phil

Year: 2001-2003

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The aim of the present study was to find the prevalence of anxiety and depression in general population of Data Ganj Bakhsh Town, Lahore and to see the demographic correlates of anxiety and depression. For this purpose survey research design was used. To draw a more representative sample, Complex Multi- stage Probability Sampling techniques including Stratified Sampling, random sampling, systematic sampling and proportionate sampling techniques were used at different stages of the research. The whole town was divided into three stratas according to lower, middle and upper socio economic status (SES). The sample of 1041 individuals including men and women were recruited for the present study. Data of educated and uneducated, married and unmarried individuals was collected from these stratas in proportion to the whole population of the town. 52% of the sample was collected from lower SES, 33% from the middle and 15% from the upper SES. The instruments used were Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) for screening mid Symptom Checklist-Revised (SCL-R) Anxiety and Depression Scales for diagnostic purposes. A Demographic Form was used to obtain information regarding different demographic characteristics of the sample. Frequencies, Percentages and Chi-Square Analysis were calculated for the whole sample. The results showed that though HADS, 9.3% and 17.8% of the sample was screened out as anxious and depressed respectively. The results further showed that 2.3% of the sample was diagnosed as anxious and 3.4 was as depressed through SCL-R.

Keywords: Anxiety, Depression, Prevalence.

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