Perceived Stress, Perceived Social support and Pregnancy Anxiety during Prenatal Stage

Author: Iqra Ramzan

Supervisor: Omama Tariq

Degree: MSc

Year: 2012-2014

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The study investigated the relationship between Perceived Social Support,
Perceived Stress and Pregnancy Anxiety in prenatal state. The research
focuses on difference between Perceived Social Support, Perceived Stress
and Pregnancy Anxiety in different trimesters. Furthermore the current
study also explores the prediction between Perceived social support,
perceived stress and pregnancy anxiety. Within research design was used
for the study and the data was collected through purposive sampling. The
sample comprises of 142 pregnant women from three hospitals in Lahore
their age rang was (M = 23.68, S.D = 3.22). Multidimensional Scale for
Perceived Social Support (Zimet, Powell, Farley, Werkman & Berkoff,
1990), Pregnancy Related-Anxiety Scale (Rini, Dunkel-Schetter, Wadhwa,
& Sandman, 1999) and Perceived Stress Scale (Cohen, 1989) were used in
research. Pearson Product Moment Correlational, ANOVA and Regression were used for analysis.
Results showed that Perceived Social Support was negatively correlated
with Perceived Stress and Pregnancy Anxiety. Result revealed significant
differences in pregnancy anxiety and perceived stress during three
trimesters. The results revealed that perceived social support and
perceived stress were significant predictor of pregnancy anxiety The study
has important implication for hospital authorizes to organize the plans for
pregnant women to minimize the adverse out comes associated with
having low perceived social support, high perceived stress and high
pregnancy anxiety in prenatal state.

Keywords: Perceived Stress, Perceived Social Support, Pregnancy Anxiety.

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