Perceived Organizational Justice, Trust and Employee Engagement in Bank Employees

Author: Seemal Mazhar Khan

Supervisor: Tahira Mubashir

Degree: BS

Year: 2010-2014

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research aimed to investigate the relationship in perceived
organizational justice, organizational trust and employee engagement in
bank employees. It was hypothesized: there is likely to be a relationship
among perceived organizational justice, organizational trust and employee
engagement; Perceived organizational justice and organizational trust are
likely to predict employee engagement. There is likely to be an effect of
bank type and designation on perceived organizational justice,
organizational trust and employee engagement. The sample consisted of
(N = 150) bank employees (n = 50 for government, n = 50 for private and
n = 50 for privatized banks) selected from different banks in Lahore.
Correaltional research design was used to conduct this study. Perceived
Organizational Justices Questionnaire by Niehoff and Moorman’s (1993),
Organizational Trust Questionnaire by Paliszkiewicz (2010) and Employee
Engagement Scale by Saks (2006) were used in this research. Pearson
product moment correlation, hierarchical regression and multivariate
analysis of covariance were applied. Results showed a positive significant
relationship in perceived organizational justice and organizational
engagement and there were also a positive significant relation between
organizational trust and job and organizational engagement. Results
showed that organizational trust predicted organizational engagement after
controlling the effect of age, marital status and socio-economic status and
there was significant interaction effect of bank type and designation level
on organizational trust in bank employees. The findings of the research
can serve as a platform for the awareness of important antecedents of
employee engagement and organizations can inculcate trust for better and
improved engagement of its employees, thereby, enhancing the
productivity of their employees.

Keywords: Perceived Oganizational Justice, Trust, Employee Engagement.

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