Parenting Styles, Moral Sensitivity, Perfectionism, Judgment and Virtues in Young Adults

Thesis Title: Parenting Styles, Moral Sensitivity, Perfectionism, Judgment and Virtues in Young Adults

Author: Ayesha Farooq

Supervisor: Iram Fatima

Year: 2017

Degree: MPhil

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

Corresponding Address: Department of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Email:, Phone: 92-42-9231245


The present research aimed to examine parenting styles (indifferences, abuse and over-control), moral sensitivity, perfectionism, judgment and virtues (altruism, forgiveness) in young adults. It was hypothesized that parenting styles will predict moral sensitivity, self-oriented and socially prescribed moral perfectionism, judgment and virtues. Furthermore, selforiented moral perfectionism (SOMP) and socially- prescribed moral perfectionism (SPMP) will positively predict moral judgment and virtues. It was also hypothesized that moral perfectionism mediate between parenting styles, moral sensitivity, judgment and virtues. The design of the study was correlational. Convenient sampling was used to recruit a sample of 200 young adults (Men = 100, Women = 100). Measure of parenting styles (Parker, et al, 1997), Ethical Sensitivity Scale (Gholami & Tirr, 2012), Adapted Moral Perfectionism Scale, Forgiveness Scale (Rye, et al. 2001), Adapted Self-report Altruism Scale (Witt & Boleman, 2009) and Moralization of Everyday Life Scale (Lovett, et. Al, 2012) were used. Structural Equation Modeling revealed that mother overcontrol positively predicted altruism. Father indifference negatively predicted SOMP and positively predicted moral judgment. Father abuse positively predicted SOMP. Father over-control positively predicted SOMP and negatively predicted forgiveness. Moral sensitivity positively predicted altruism, SOMP and SPMP. Self-oriented moral perfectionism negatively predicted forgiveness and SPM positively predicted forgiveness. Moral perfectionism mediated between parental abuse and forgiveness; father over-control and forgiveness. The study implications are discussed with its application in social, educational, counseling and moral psychology.

Keywords: Parenting styles, moral sensitivity, perfectionism, judgment, virtue.


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