Job Stress, Psychological Capital and Turnover Intentions in the Employees of Hospitality Industry

Author: Namra Rehman

Supervisor: Tahira Mubashir

Degree: BS

Year: 2010-2014

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research investigated relationship in job stress, psychological
capital and turnover intention in employees of hospitality industry. It was
hypothesized; there is likely to be a relationship in job stress,
psychological capital and turnover intentions; psychological capital is
likely to moderate the relationship between job stress and turnover
intentions; there are likely to be main and interactive effects of designation
and organization star on job stress, psychological capital and turnover
intentions in employees of hospitality industry. Correlation research design
was used. The sample comprised of N = 200 employees from different
hotels of Lahore, Pakistan. Professional Life Stress Scale (Fontana, 1989),
Psychological Capital Questionnaire (Luthans, Avolio, Avey & Norman,
2007) and Michigan Organizational Assessment Questionnaire (Camman,
Fichman, Jenkins & Klesh, 1979) were used. Pearson Product Moment
Correlation, moderation analysis and multivariate analysis of variance
were applied. Findings show that job stress and psychological capital were
positively related to turnover intentions and job stress was found to be
negatively related to psychological capital in employees of hospitality
industry. Psychological capital (hope and resilience) moderated
relationship in job stress and
turnover intentions in employees. Results also show job stress, hope and
resilience differed with job stress while job stress, psychological capital
and turnover intensions differed with job designation. An interaction effect
of type of organization star and designation was found on turnover
intentions in employees. This research has important implications in
hospitality industry for building positive psychological capital of
employees and improving stress management strategies that will help in
reducing turnover intentions in employees.

Keywords: Job Stress, Psychological Capital, Turnover Intentions.

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