Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intentions in Relation to Perceived Organizational Politics

Author: Sadia Ishaq

Supervisor: Ms. Shazia Khalid

Degree: M.phil

Year: 2010-2012

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research purported to study job satisfaction, organizational commitment and turnover intentions in relation to perceived organizational politics through correlational research design. Sample of 353 teachers (professors, associate professors, assistant professors and lecturers) was selected from University of the Punjab, Lahore. Four scales were used to measure above relationships. Perception of organizational politics was measured by Perception of Organizational politics Scale of Kacmar and Carlson (1997), for job satisfaction Generic Job Satisfaction Scale by Macdonald and Maclntyr (1997) was used, for organizational commitment Organizational Commitment Questionnaire by Porter and Smith (1979) was used. The Turnover Intention Scale developed by Camman, Fichman, Jenkins and Klesh (1979) was used to measure turnover intentions. The Cronbach alpha of all the above scales was estimated to check the reliability. A hypothetical model was tested. Findings of the study showed a negative correlation of perceived organizational politics with job satisfaction and organizational commitment. Further, it also indicated that perceived organizational politics positively predicted turnover intentions. Further analysis revealed that organizational commitment has greater influence on turnover intentions than other variables. Furthermore the results showed there was no significant difference of perceived organizational politics, job satisfaction and turnover intentions among four ranks of university teachers except organizational commitment. Level of organizational commitment of associate professors was higher and it was lower among lecturers. Additionally results were discussed in terms of their implications and theoretical significance. This study will helpful for University teachers and administration. It will help to make future plans and to improve the quality of work and productivity of employees. It will be practically beneficial to gain better skills and individual performance.

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment, Organizational Politics, Turnover Intentions.

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