Gratitude, Forgiveness and Optimism between Married and Unmarried Adults

Author: Syeda Rabia Sajid

Supervisor: Iram Fatima, Ph.D

Degree: MSc

Year: 2012-2014

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


A cross sectional study was conducted to assess gratitude, forgiveness and
optimism in married and unmarried adult males and females with age
20-40 years. It was hypothesized that married men and women would
differ in gratitude, forgiveness and optimism. Gratitude Test ( Michael,
McCullough, Emmons, 2003), Forgiveness Test ( Thompson et al, 2005)
and Life Orientation Test (Schier, Carver & Bridges, 1994) was used to
measure gratitude, forgiveness and optimism level in married and
unmarried adults respectively t-test was used to compare between married
and unmarried adult. Results indicated that there was no difference
between married and unmarried with reference to gratitude, forgiveness
and optimism.

Keywords: Gratitude, Forgiveness, Optimism.

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Corresponding Address: Department of Applied Psychology, University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. Email:, Phone: 92-42-9231245

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