Efficacy of “You Can Do It” Programme With Under-Achieving Students of Class 8

Author: Abdul Waheed Tabish

Supervisor: Dr. Nosheen K. Rahman

Degree: M,Phil

Year: 2003-2005

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study aimed to see the efficacy of “You Can Do It” (YCDI) Programme with under-achieving male students of class 8. 180 male students of class 8 were screened out as under- achievers through SPM from six government high school of Lahore: Government. High School township. Govt, Model High School, Model Town, Govt. Pilot High School Whadat Colony, Govt. High school Whadat Colony, Govt. High School Chuberjji Gardan, Govt. Islamia High School Icchra and Govt. High School Iqbal Town. Sampling was Purposive and Experimental Research Design was used. Assessment tools were The Idea Inventory and Obstacle Checklist ofYCDA. 180 male students were randomly assigned into treatment, attention control and control group, each comprising of 10 participants. Ten translated group sessions from YCDI Programme of 2 hours with 15 minutes break were conducted with the Treatment Group. YCDI programme was conducted with the Treatment Group and the Attention Control group was involved in different activities, drawing, coloring games etc. Control group was not given any treatment or attention. Post assessment of the three groups was carried out after completion of the programme. One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) indicated significant differences, P < .01 in Treatment Group at post assessment level as compared to the Attention Control Group and Control Group. The results indicated that YCDI Programme is an effective programme which can be used in schools for academic achievement motivational and social emotional wellbeing, so that the maximum potential of student’s elementary level can be utilized.

Keywords: Treatment Group, Emotional Wellbeing. Underachieving, Academic Achievement.

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