Depression, Anxiety and Ways of Coping in Transgenders: An Exploratory Study

Author: Mirrat Gul Butt

Supervisor: Dr. Humaira Mohsin

Degree: MS

Year: 2008-2010

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present study explored the association of depression, anxiety and ways of coping in transgenders. The participants were contacted through their gurus (bosses in the field) from different places in Lahore. A sample of 100 subjects including 11 representatives from other cities of Pakistan was interviewed. A semi-structured demographic form, Siddique Shah Depression Scale (SSDS), State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI) and Ways of Coping Questionnaire-Revised Urdu edition (WCQ-R U), were administered to collect information. The results showed no association between depression and anxiety and depression and ways of coping in transgenders, Furthermore there was a negative correlation found among anxiety and escape avoidance and distancing as well as among anxiety, self-control and accepting responsibility. About 68 cases scored moderate and severe depression while 92 scored high anxiety (>80 on State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI)). The coping strategies used by the sample were: RAPS – Rationale and Active Problem Solving (40.0), EAD – Escape Avoidance and Distancing (57.0), SCAR – Self Control and Accepting Responsibility (34 0) and TR – Tension Reduction (17.0).

Keywords: Transgenders, Depression, Anxiety, Coping.

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