Comparison of Childhood Neglect and Abuse in Addicts and Non-Addicts

Author: Farina Moaz

Supervisor: Ms. Mujeeba Ashraf

Degree: BS

Year: 2005-2009

University: Centre for Clinical Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The study was conducted to compare the experience of childhood neglect and abuse in addicts and non- addicts as well as to see the association between childhood neglect and abuse with substance dependence. A sample of 100 males was taken including addicts (n=50) and non-addicts (n=50). Addicts were taken from different rehabilitation centers of Lahore. Childhood Trauma Questionnaire (Bemstien & Fink, 1998) was administered on the sample. It was found that addicts undergo profound experiences of abuse and neglect, such as, 10 of the addicts reported severe physical abuse, 1 reported severe emotional abuse and 11 reported sexual abuse. On the contrary 7 addicts reported severe physical abuse, 1 reported extreme emotional abuse an3 of non-addict sample reported the history of physical neglect. However the non-addicts shown higher scoring on denial scale as compared to addicts, such as 23 non-addicts denied presence of history of any kind of abuse or neglect, whereas only 5 of addicts denied the information. Chi- square showed the significant association between childhood neglect and abuse and substance dependence.

Keywords: Abuse, Substance Dependence, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse.

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