Caregiver Burden, Spirituality and Psychological Well being of Parents having Children with Thalassemia

Author: Jawaria Anum

Supervisor: Rabia Dasti

Degree: BS

Year: 2009-2013

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


A cross-sectional research was designed, aimed to determine the caregiving burden, spirituality and psychological wellbeing of parents of thalassemic patients. Socio-demographic form, Montgomery-Borgotta Burden Measure (Montgomery & Borgotta, 2000), Islamic
Refulgence Scale (Dasti & Sitwat, 2010) and Ryff Scale of Psychological Well-Being (Ryff, 1989) was administered on a sample of 80 parents (32 fathers and 48 mothers) from different Thalassemic Centers of Lahore city. The data was analyzed through t-test, correlation and meditational analysis. Results indicated that no gender differences were found on caregiver burden, domains of spirituality and psychological wellbeing of mothers and fathers of thalassemic patients. Caregiver burden was negatively related with psychological well being and domains of spirituality while psychological wellbeing and spirituality were positively related. Results also implied that caregiver burden has direct effect on psychological wellbeing of parents and it also influences psychological wellbeing through the pathway of two domains of spirituality, i.e. self-discipline and meanness-generosity. These results provide advancement in the field of research on Clinical Psychology, Positive Psychology and Islamic Psychology.

Keywords: Caregiver Burden, Spirituality and Psychological Well being, Thalassemia.

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