Prevalence of Stress among Call Center Employees

Article Title: Prevalence of Stress among Call Center Employees

Author(s): Ayesha Khalid, Ayesha Sarfaraz, Shehla Ahmed and Farah Malik

Institute(s): GC University, Lahore, Beaconhouse National University, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2013, Vol. 11, No.2, 58-62

Correspondence Address: Ayesha Khalid Chaudhry, Govt. College University Lahore. E-mail:


This study explores the level of stress among call center employees. The aim of the research was to analyze whether stress level varies with reference to gender, shift work, and type of organization (inbound or outbound call center). A purposive sample of 191 Customer Support Representative (men = 106 & women = 85) from three inbound and three outbound call centres of Lahore was obtained. The age range of the sample varied from 19 – 40 years (M = 24.81, SD = 3.69). Degree of Job Stress Scale (Chow, 2005) was utilized to measure the level of occupational stress; it is a 20 item self-report 5-point likert scale, the reliability of the scale ranged from 0.80 to 0.86. Customer Service Representatives (CSR’s) were approached via their team leads at their work place. After obtaining informed consent questionnaires were distributed among the CSR’s and were collected subsequently. Reliability analysis of the scale was also conducted for the present sample, which was significantly high (r = .88). The individual scores were then analyzed using SPSS and t-statistics was employed to analyze the results. The analysis confirmed the hypothesis and revealed significant differences in the level of stress with reference to shift work and type of organization (inbound or outbound call center). Present research has significant implications for call center employees and management.

Keywords: Stress, gender, shift work, type of organization, Call Center Employees,

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