Prevalence Of Postpartum Depression In A Group Of Women Delivering In A Hospital In Rasht City, Iran

Kiomars Najafi, Homa Zarrabi, Maryam Shirazi, Farhad Avakh, Fatemeh Nazifi

Objective: To assess the prevalence and determinants of PPD in Rasht (a city in northern part of Iran).

Design: Descriptive and cross-sectional study.

Place and duration of study: Al-Zahra Obstetric and Gynecology hospital in Rasht city, Iran from January to March, 2004.

Subjects and Methods: 335 women delivering in Al-Zahra hospital were assessed 2 weeks after delivery using Beck’s depression inventory.

Results: The overall prevalence of PPD was 20%. Regarding Beck depression inventory, 61 patients had mild depression and 6 patients suffered from moderate depression. In these patients, unemployment and history of abortion and infant death were significantly associated with PPD.

Conclusion: the prevalence of mild depression in this study was notable. Caregivers should use pre and postnatal assessments to identify and address women at risk of PPD.

Key words: Postpartum Depression, Prevalence, Beck’s Depression Inventory, Iran.

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