Perceived Parenting Styles among Drug Addict and Non-Addict Medical Students

Article Title: Perceived Parenting Styles among Drug Addict and Non-Addict Medical Students


Author(s): Salma Rehman, Madiha Asghar, Ishrat Rehman

Institute(s): Psychology Department Islamia College Peshawar

Journal: Peshawar Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (PJPBS) Vol 5 No 1 (2019)

Correspondence Address: Dr. Madiha Asghar | Phone+92-91-9222022 |


Current study was planned to find out the difference between the perceived parenting styles of drug addict and non-addict medical students. Total sample of the study was two hundred (N=200) medical students that comprised of one hundred addict (n=100) and one hundred (n=100) non-addict medical students with age range of 18 to 29 years. Data was collected from different medical colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa through convenient and snow ball techniques. Data was collected through adolescent’s alcohol and drug usage scale (Moberg, 1991)and parenting styles questionnaire (Buri, 1991) . The results of the study indicated that authoritative parenting style was significantly reported by non-addict medical students, whereas addict medical students reported higher scores on authoritarian parenting style. It can be therefore concluded from the findings of the study that parenting styles play a significant role in the mental wellbeing and promotion of healthy habits among youth. The study supports the idea that controlling parenting style may contribute to promote mental health problems among youth such as drug addiction.

Keywords: drug addiction, authoritarian parenting style, authoritative parenting style, permissive parenting style, medical students

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