Occupational Stress, Public Service Motivation and Burnout in Police Officers

Syed Musa Kazim (MPhil, 2016-2018) Supervisor: Rafia Rafique, PhD

The present study investigated the relationship of occupational stress, burnout and public service motivation. It was hypothesized that there would be a positive relationship between occupational stress and burnout, while there would be a negative relationship between public service motivation and occupational burnout in police officers. A correlational research design was used in the present study. A sample of 126 police officers was drawn through convenient sampling technique from Police College Sihala and different police stations of Sargodha, Lahore, Faisalabad and Sheikhupura. Organizational Police Stress Questionnaire (McGreary & Thompson, 2006), Revised Public Service Motivation Scale (Kim, 2006) and Copenhagen Burnout Inventory (Kristensen et al., 2005) were used to measure study variables. Descriptive Statistics, Pearson product moment correlation, hierarchical regression analysis and independent sample t-test were used for analysis. Occupational stress and burnout were positively associated while public service motivation and its sub-domains like attachment to policy making, commitment to public interest, compassion and sacrifice were negatively correlated with occupational burnout. Public service motivation, attachment to policy making, commitment to public interest, compassion and sacrifice were significant moderators between occupational stress and burnout. Additionally, it was found that single police officers were having significantly low scores on burnout as compared to married police officers, while on public service motivation single police officers had significantly high scores as compared to married police officers. Results were discussed in terms of empirical literature and theoretical significance. Counselors can help to enhance public service motivation of police officers so that they can better cope with occupational burnout.

Keywords: Occupational stress, public service motivation, burnout, police officers.

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