Interpersonal Problems in Arranged and Love Marriages

Article Title: Interpersonal Problems in Arranged and Love Marriages

Author(s): Nasreen Akhtar, Anum Khan, Aneeza Pervez, & Iffat Batool

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, GC University, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2017, Vol. 15, No.2, 18-22

Correspondence Address: Nasreen Akhtar, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Government College University Lahore (Pakistan), Email:


Marriage is often considered to be the cornerstone of a healthy social structure. The stronger the quality of a marriage, the healthier the social structure of society. The present research investigated the interpersonal problems among arranged and love marriages. The sample of this study comprised 100 couples who had married for love, and 100 couples whose marriage had been arranged by their families. The age range of participants was 20 to 40 years (Mean = 28, SD = 5.2). Inventory of Interpersonal Problems-32 (Horowitz, Alden, Wiggins, & Pincus, 2000) was administered to assess the nature of interpersonal problems experienced by the sample. The findings of present study revealed that the couples whose marriage was arranged by their families were more domineering and vindictive, compared to couples who had married for love. However, couples in love marriages were more socially inhibited, non-assertive and intrusive when compared to arranged marriage couples. This research has important implications for social psychologists, marital counsellors and families.

Keywords: interpersonal problems, marital quality, love marriage, arranged marriage.

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