Impact of Religiosity on Psychological Wellbeing

Article Title: Impact of Religiosity on Psychological Wellbeing


Author(s): Ishrat Rehman, Radma Javed

Institute(s): Islamia College Peshawar

Journal: Peshawar Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences (PJPBS) Vol 1 No 2 (2015)

Correspondence Address: Dr. Madiha Asghar | Phone+92-91-9222022 |


The aim of this study was to find out the association between religiosity and psychological wellbeing that included anxiety, loneliness and life satisfaction. The sample of the study comprised of three hundred and ninety-five (N= 395) subjects that included two hundred and fort-nine (n=249) males and one hundred and forty-six (n=146) females with mean age of 21.19. Consistent with other research studies, correlation statistics suggested that a strong negative association existed between religiosity and anxiety (r=-.198), also strong negative relationship between religiosity and loneliness (r=-.192) while life satisfaction significantly positively correlated with religiosity in female only (r=.328) but in male the correlation was not significant (r=-.052). It is concluded from the findings of the study that religiosity is an integral part of the psychological well being of an individual.

Keywords: Religiosity, psychological wellbeing, anxiety, loneliness, gender

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