Ethical Leadership and Impression Management in Educational Institutions

Article Title: Ethical Leadership and Impression Management in Educational Institutions

Author(s): Shazia Rehman Khan & Uzma Javed

Institute(s): Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (Islamabad)

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2018, Vol. 16, No.1, 51-56

Correspondence Address: Shazia Rehman Khan, currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Management Sciences, Bahria University Islamabad, (Pakistan), Email:


The present study was conducted to investigate the relationship between perception of ethical leadership and impression management of subordinates, in the educational institution setting. Ethical leadership is forwarded as a leadership style that leads subordinates to ethical decision making and ethical behaviors. It was hypothesized that perception of ethical leadership would lead to impression management behaviors by subordinates. The study utilized the manipulative function of impression management, which was presenting oneself in a positive light, in order to be positively evaluated by others. Using revised ethical leadership scale and impression management scale, through a survey (N=176), in private for-profit schools across Islamabad. It was found that when subordinates strongly perceived school principals as ethical leaders, it significantly increased their impression management behaviors. The effect of time spent with the supervisor was found to be insignificant. The findings suggested that the effect of ethical leadership was not always positive on subordinates’ behavior. The results and their implication were discussed for better understanding of impression management behaviors in the organization, along with the limitations and future directions.

Key words: Impression management, ethical Leadership, self-presentation, self-promotion, educational Institutions

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