Development and Validation of Managerial Ability Scale

Author: Somia Zulfiqar

Supervisor: Naumana Amjad, Ph.D

Degree: MSc

Year: 2012-2014

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The study aimed at developing an indigenous managerial ability scale to
assess the abilities of Pakistani managers as there was no exact measure in
this area. Managerial ability scale was developed in 4 steps. A sample of
30 male and female managers, reporting managers and subordinates were
selected from govt and private bankers. In step I, open ended questionnaire
was used to elicit abilities that a manager should have. A list of 53 abilities
was prepared. It was edited from the answers of 30 managers. In step II,
list was given to two industrial and organizational psychologists for
checking its content validity. In step III, this list was finalized and given to
test its readability and relevance to the managers. At the 4th last step a final
study was conducted using this scale. Sample of
50 male female bank managers were selected from govt and private banks.
Its psychometric properties such as reliability analysis were checked. Over
all cronbach’s Alpha reliability of Managerial Ability Scale was .77. To
further assess its validity the same scale was given to the subordinates of
the same manager who had completed the scale for each manager 2
subordinates completed the scale. The introductory lines of the scale were
changed as suitable for subordinates to rate their manager’s ability to see
the relationship between self-rated managerial ability and employees’
rated managerial ability. There was a significant positive correlation
between manager self-rating and employees rating on the Managerial
Ability Scale. According to the themes certain sublevels or dimensions of
managerial abilities were identified using content analysis and thematic
analysis since factor analysis was not possible due to small sample. These
were leadership, emotional intelligence, decision making, problem
solving, team management, time management, stress management and
workplace happiness and t-test indicated that there was no difference in
the managerial ability of male and female bank managers. Implications of
the study are discussed along with limitations and suggestions for future

Keywords: Scale Development, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Decision Making, Problem Solving.

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