Depression and anxiety in the caregivers of mentally ill patients

Article Title: Depression and anxiety in the caregivers of mentally ill patients

Author(s): Rashda Saif Niazi, Shabana Basheer, Fareed A. Minhas, Najma Najam

Journal: Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society

Objective. This research was a comparative study aimed at assessing the level of depression and anxiety among the caregivers of male and female patients with different psychiatric diagnosis.

Design: It was a Retrospective study.

Place and Duration of the Study: The data was taken from both In and Out patient departments Institute of Psychiatry Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi from January 2004 to April 2004.

Subject and Method: The sample consisted of primary caregivers of 50 patients’ of both genders, 25 male and 25 female patients. One primary caregivers of each patient was taken. Hamilton Rating Scale for depression (HAM-D) and HAM-A were used to assess depression and Anxiety. Sample was taken from the out patient department of Rawalpindi general Hospital.

Results: The result of study revealed that caregivers of the patients with psychiatric illnesses have significant high level of depression and anxiety and significant gender differences were also observed. Results showed that caregivers of young male patients have high level of depression as compare to older male patients and young female patient. No significant differences were observed between care givers of young male and female patients. The caregivers of patients carrying the diagnosis of schizophrenia have higher level of depression as compared to caregivers of depression and substance abuse. The duration of illness is also important dimension as care givers of the patients who were ill more that 18 months their family reported about being depressed and anxious.

Conclusion: It can be suggested that the care givers of young patients have higher levels of depression and anxiety as compared to older patients and duration of illness and gender are important parameters to this.

Key Words: Depression, Anxiety, Care Givers

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