Perception of Pakistani Muslim Students Regarding Jews

Article Title: Perception of Pakistani Muslim Students Regarding Jews

Author(s): M. Asir Ajmal, Safia Sultana, Noor ul Ain and Mariam Tahira

Institute(s): Department of Psychology, GC University, Lahore

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 2011, Vol. 9, 3-10

Correspondence Address: Dr. M. Asir Ajmal, Department of Psychology, GC University, Lahore. Email:


The study examined perception and stereotypes of Jews among Pakistani Muslims. Sample consisted of 99 postgraduates from Govt. College University, Lahore and Govt. Postgraduate College, Jhang. A self constructed stereotype rating scale comprising 38 adjectives was employed on which participants were asked to rate 5 religious groups (Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Sikhs) on each of these adjectives. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches were used for interpretation and analysis of the data. The qualitative results were interpreted on the basis of grounded theory themes, categories and schemas. Two categories of religious others emerged from the results were further divided into the ‘Other’ category and ‘Enemy’ category. The stereotypical picture of students regarding Jews indicated a negative image. Among the four out-groups Hindus were perceived similar to Jews. These negative perceptions of the Jews are seen as an obstacle to the peace.

Keywords: perception, Jews, Pakistani Muslims, stereotype

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