Perception of Female Managers in Male Dominated Industries of Pakistan

Author: Hira Aziz

Supervisor: Ms. Tahira Mubashir

Degree: MPhil

Year:  (2010-2012)

University: Institute of Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan


The present research consisted of two studies. The purpose of Study I was to assess the self-perception of female managers (N= 9) of different male dominated companies in and near Lahore. Semi structured interviews were conducted to collect information. The responses were recorded and the data were analyzed by using content analysis. The findings revealed that female managers perceived themselves good at communality, interpersonal hostility, perceived competency and some other dimensions. They also perceived their companies gender wise diverse. The purpose of Study II was to find out employees perception about their female managers. 120 subordinates (n = 91 males, n = 29 females) were taken from the same organization of Lahore (from where the female manager of study I were included) were used. A self constructed questionnaire of perceptions about female managers was to assess employee perceptions related to the competency, interpersonal hostility and communality. On the basis of study 1 that investigated the self perception of female mangers about themselves and study 2 that examined the perception of their subordinates about them (the said female managers), few similarities and several differences were observed. Similarity in the opinion of female managers and their subordinates regarding the communality of female managers and few differences were noted in the opinion of female managers and their subordinates regarding the competency, interpersonal hostility and other dimensions of personality of female managers.

Keywords: industries, interpersonal hostility, female managers, male dominated.

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