Impact Of Tinnitus Perception On Psychological Distress In Male And Female Tinnitus Patients

Article Title: Impact Of Tinnitus Perception On Psychological Distress In Male And Female Tinnitus Patients

Author(s): Dr. Bashir Ahmed, Ammar Ahmed, Muhammad Aqeel, Dr. Tanvir Akhtar & Dr. Sammeen Salim

Institute(s): University of Manchester; Psychology Department, Foundation University, Rawalpindi Campus; Armed Forces Institute Of Pathology (AFIP), C.M.H, Rawalpindi.

Journal: Foundation University Journal Of Psychology, 2017, Vol. 1, No. 1, 56-77

Correspondence Address: Ammar Ahmed, Department of Psychology, Rawalpindi Campus. Pakistan. Email:


Current study was designed to examine the moderating role of gender between perception of tinnitus and psychological distress among male and female tinnitus patients. Participant consisted of 110 Tinnitus Patients (Male n=70, Female n= 40). Purposive sampling technique was used based on cross-sectional design Data was collected from various hospitals of Pakistan, through complete otorhinolaryngological (ear) examination. Two scales Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) and Tinnitus Handicap Inventory (THI) were employed to measure perception of tinnitus, stress, anxiety and depression in tinnitus patients. The results of the present study revealed that gender acted as a moderator among perception of tinnitus, depression, anxiety and stress. The findings indicated that gender was positively significant predictor of anxiety (β=.45, p < .01), depression (β=1.17, p< .01) in tinnitus patients. The results suggested that females are more prone to anxiety than males. Depression is also perceived more by female tinnitus patients. Outcomes of the study do serve as an understanding of psychological ailments among tinnitus patients. It will further help the clinicians to treat the psychological issues related to the physical illness of tinnitus gender wise.

Keywords. Tinnitus, depression, anxiety, stress, gender

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